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Teams Match Duties

ROUND 4 - Sunday

Sunday 27th April 2014

Central Ground Control

Phil Ward (am/pm)

Wendy Bailey (am/pm)

Kevin Wright (am/pm)

Set Up - Ground Marking 8.00am
Finish - Nets, Flags & Bins


Nick W
Shift 1 - Set up – 8-12pm
Blake W
Shift 2 - Clean up – 12-4pm

ROUND 1 - Saturday

Saturday 26 April 2014

Central Ground Control

Rod Kelloway (7-12am)

Peter Peachey (12-4pm)

Phil Ward

Set Up
Ground Marking Team 6.30am
Canteen / Ground Control 8-10am
Canteen / Ground Control 10-12pm
21B Canteen / Ground Control 12-3pm

BBQ Duty

John C
Head Chief – 8-1.00pm
BBQ / Ground Control 8-10am
BBQ / Ground Control 10-12pm


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AL6 Premier Coach - Kieron

45A - Champion of Champions Winners 2013

U10's Girls - Winner - Perc McFadden Award 2013

Cronulla RSL AL6 - Premiers

We cater for all: Boys, Girls, Men & Women’s Teams

SWF - Premiers 2013


On behalf of your committee I would like to extend a welcome to all players for season 2014.

If you are new to our club I hope you enjoy playing with Cronulla RSL and make many friends
within the Club.


Latest News

Revised 2014 Competition Dates


Please find below revised 2014 Competition dates (in accordance with SSFA Rule 18.D) – as a result of Saturday Round 1 (previously scheduled for 29 March 2014) being washed out.
Saturday 29 March - ROUND 1 - Washed out
Sunday 30 March - ROUND 1 - Played
Saturday 5 April - ROUND 2 - Published   
Sunday 6 April - ROUND 2 - Published
Saturday 12 April - ROUND 3 - Published
Sunday 13 April - ROUND 3 - Published
Saturday 19 April - NO PLAY - Easter Weekend              
Sunday 20 April - NO PLAY - Easter Weekend                             
Saturday 26 April - ROUND 1 - Published
Sunday 27 April - ROUND 4 - Published
Saturday 3 May - ROUND 4 - Published
Sunday 4 May - ROUND 5 - Not Published
- Saturday competitions will not play Round 18 (unless Monday June 9 is utilized).
- Re grading is scheduled to be considered at the conclusion of four (4) rounds of football.
- Matches may be scheduled for Monday 9 June if deemed appropriate and necessary.

Respect for Mini Roo REFEREES


Dear MiniRoos Parent, Coach, Manager and Supporter

As we begin a new season please consider the need to respect our junior referees.

In previous years, a number of incidents have been brought to our attention where unfortunately junior referees have been verbally abused by Coaches, Managers, or Parents. 

In some cases, this has left the young referee in tears with some of them stating that they do not want to referee again. 

This behaviour will NOT and should NOT be tolerated.

We do not expect perfection from our kids as they play the game.  Air swings, fluffed shots and a failure to comply with instructions are commonplace.  As parents and coaches this is frustrating to watch but we understand that these are kids learning to play the game and that they will make mistakes along the way. 

There is NOTHING different when it comes to our junior referees.  They are also very young (some are just 12) and they are also learning the ropes.  They will make mistakes and we should show them the same tolerance and understanding that we show our own children. 

We CANNOT and SHOULD NOT expect perfection.  Try to remember back to when you were that age and how scary & intimidating you would have found a grown adult towering and shouting at you.

Junior referees often show an extreme reluctance to blow their whistle.  Maybe they do not enforce the requirement to get back to the half-way line.  As a parent or coach you just have to deal with this, frustrating as it may be.   Like players, referees have to start somewhere.  We won't have any referees in the future if we don't train junior referees today and let them gain some experience in a non-challenging environment.

Remember that each Club has a MiniRoos Co-Ordinator and there should be Ground Control at every game.  Please approach these people with any problems or issues that may arise.  They are there to help! 

I should point out the obvious:  if the kids don't referee, parents will have to.

So please bear the following points in mind:

1.  Each individual game is important to you and to your kids - but at the end of the day it's just junior sport, not the World Cup.  Lighten up!

2.  You have to cut the junior referees some slack.  Remember that YOU are the adult here.

3.  If you have a problem with the way the game is being controlled (such as teams not getting back to half-way), raise your concerns with GROUND CONTROL, NOT the referee.

4.  Talk to the opposition coach before the game and agree a common approach on any areas of common controversy, such as getting back to half-way.   

Here's a tip for our coaches.  If the other team doesn't get back to half-way and the referee and the opposition coach doesn't make them, loudly instruct your player not to take the goal-kick until they get back.  Once everybody has stood around for 60-90 seconds they generally get the idea.

Remember, if the person next to you is getting “too excited or zealous”, remind them it is only a game.
We don’t want you appearing in at our Judiciary explaining your actions.

Finally, let’s begin the 2014 season in a positive manner by ensuring that both the kids and the referees have lots of fun!

BBQ Helpers for Required

Saturday Rooster

We need BBQ helpers throughout Saturday and Sunday from 7.00am – 3.00pm.  If you have an hour or two to spare and can help out setting up/cooking/serving/ packing away that would be great. The more people we have, the more the work can be shared around.
It’s a great way to meet some of the other people in the club and make new friendships or catch up with the people you haven’t seen since last season. Grab a couple of friends and be on the BBQ together.
We don’t want to let this once-a-year opportunity to raise serious funds for the club slip away. Let’s keep our reputation and have the best soccer BBQ in the Shire.

Please contact Rod Kelloway 0418 114 624 (secretary@cronullarslsoccer.org.au) ASAP so we can prepare a roster and ensure that all times are covered.

Young Stingray Signs for Lazio in Italy

Saturday 29 March 2014

Chris Ikonomidis who started his playing career with Cronulla RSL has signed with Seria A Club, Lazio in Rome. Chris is still only 18 years old and has lived in Italy since he was 16 as he pursued his dream of playing professional football. Chris plays just behind the strikers in a position they call trequartista in Italy and has already played for Australia at Under 20 and Under 23 level and if Australia can qualify for the Olympic Games Football tournament we may see Chris in Rio in 2016.
Chris's brother Tommy also played with RSL, Chris played above his age group so he could play in his brothers team. Their Mum, Liz helped on the Club committee serving as Treasurer for several years and older sister Stephanie has played many years with RSL.
We wish Chris every success in his future Football career.