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AL3 Premiers - 2015

45A Premiers - 2015

35D Premiers - 2015

13D Premiers – 2015

We cater for all: Boys, Girls, Men & Women’s Teams

W14A Premiers - 2015


On behalf of your committee I would like to extend a welcome to all players for season 2016.

If you are new to our club I hope you enjoy playing with Cronulla RSL and make many friends
within the Club.


Latest News

AGM - Cronulla RSL Soccer Club

Monday 17th October 2016

Annual General Meeting
Cronulla RSL (Francis Drake Room) at 7.00pm

A reminder to all members – 2017 Committee Positions Available

Please offer any assistance you can for the 2017 season

All welcome, your help is needed.
Attached is a outline of positions that need to be filled for next season.
If you can help please contact anyone on the committee  OR  email your interest to technical@cronullarslsoccer.org.au


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Boots that our kids have now grown out of sitting in cupboards


Dear Members

We all have last season’s boots that our kids have grown out of sitting in cupboards.  We now have a great solution to what to do with them.

One of our coaches from the under 8s, Dominic See has started www.swaade.com Swap and Trade.

The idea is you can now upload your old boots and get an instant store credit called SWA. This then allows you to buy boots that your kids can use this year. Yes, they are 2nd hand but most boots have very limited use and are in very good condition.There are also lots of other things to buy on the website.

We all know how much boots can cost so why not swap them and save the cash!

When you register with www.swaade.com you will get SWA 100 Store Credit.

So take a look at www.swaade.com

PS: If you not very computer savvy Dominic has offered to upload your old boots Via SMS.
Simply take a photo of your boots and SMS it to 0410 511 199 along with your name, address, phone and email.


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AL2 – Fullbacks and Forwards – Contact: Michael Mertell 0423 156 190

Senior Women C / D – Contact: Lauren Plummer 0449 099 924

Under 9, Under 12 Girls – Contact: Rod Kelloway 0418 114 624

Under 14 Boys – Contact: Rod Kelloway 0418 114 624