Coaches Corner

2018 - Planning

Thursday, January 05, 2017
Welcome to the 2018 season.

I would like to wish everyone the best for a positive and educative season.

Before a ball has even been kicked, I would like all coaches to start thinking about their teams. Simple things like:
• Number of players per team
• Number of bibs, cones and footballs available
• What size training area you will have for the year
• Any specific issues that need to be incorporated or thought of

Once these things have been found, they should stay the same for the entire year. 
This is your base to now start planning for training.

For those coaches who have squads from last year, this should be a little easier to recognise, and you will also have memory of the performances to help re-evaluate what needs to be addressed. Writing down some simple issues that were both positive and those that need developing will ensure your direction and focus will be maintained on improving performances.

This is the key goal. Aim to improve an individuals’ performance, then that will roll on to the team. Naturally results will follow.

I would like every coach to have a mindset on maximising the time they have with the teams, and making it practical for football. More time spent allowing the kids to behave naturally with a ball will ensure creativity, self-discovery and a degree of self-learning. Put this into a small game environment and I believe you will have the best possible football method for success.

Again I wish you all the best for 2017. Most importantly, for all of us associated with the club: Parents, coaches, members and players, we must be having fun.